Two Beep

Holy cow! Just two classes left. Kinda blows your mind, right?

First I wanted to thank you guys for making Tony Flackett feel so welcome in class – I appreciate how responsive you all are in asking questions and being engaged with his work. If you want to check out his website – and the dioramas he’s currently doing (which our connection in class wouldn’t allow us to see) here it is:

Again, I want to remind everyone that on our last class (May 2nd) you will need to present these things in your portfolio:

1. Full Size Quicktime Versions of all 4 of your projects & your two video journals (yes, it’s down to only two now!) Since our computers do not have DVD recorders in them, you can make a folder on the desktop with your name and the Quicktimes – I will bring in a hard drive to collect them. Some of your projects might have multiple versions (i.e.: Project 3) make a separate quicktime for each version and label them accordingly. If you reworked your projects (say, after we talked about it) you can include the different versions, or submit the one you want me to consider for your final portfolio. Project 3 should have 2 separate versions though. Remember, you can also do additional Video journals if you feel your grade is in jeopardy. I know we usually view the video journals on tape – but please digitize them so you can give me quicktime versions. If you have been editing on your own system, bring in your quicktimes on a non-authored DVD. I will go over the quicktime export procedures in class on Friday.

2. Written journal in a word document or an easy to read handwritten journal. The written journal should include overheard dialog from throughout the semester and your plot sparks/interests. The more the better.

3. A word doc / typed personal evaluation. This should be about 1 page and should explain what you got out of the class and how you feel you did (i.e. what you need to work on, what progress you made, etc…) If this is confusing, please get up with me about it.

Please remember, there is no final exam – just these three things that must be turned in on May 2nd or you will get an incomplete. I will not be available to get any work from you after May 2nd – so do not leave these things until the last minute.

For our web assignment this week – I’m a putting up a grab bag of different videos for you to check out. Please watch a few of them (or all of them, if you’re keen) and post a comment on at least one of them. Here they are: – A Year of Time lapse – Cottonmouth, TX – Photocopy cha cha – Good Boy / Bad Boy – The Art of Bruce Nauman – The Boy Who Was Dubbed – In the Land of the Elevator Girls (or anything from the site) – Nam June Paik’s website – no videos, just look at the galleries of his installations and despair! – Evil of Dracula



~ by sosundays on April 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Two Beep”

  1. Wow, some of these videos are amazing. I ended up watching Good Boy/ Bad Boy, In the Land of the Elevator Girls and A Year of Time Lapse. The one I chose to write about was the Year of Time Lapse because I really enjoy time lapses and seeing how things change over time. I thought that this video was simply amazing not just because of the time lapse itself but also because of the camera movement. I think that the circular path of the camera made the piece more interesting, without it I think it would have been just another time lapse. It’s amazing in itself to film for a whole year, but it is even more amazing to have a simple camera movement change the feeling of your piece. I think the circular path of the camera in a way represents the cycle of life because you are watching things live and die while going in the same cirle. Also, I felt good when you couldn’t see some of the picture, because it was much more suprising/interesting to see how the picture had changed (with the seasons) when you see it again.

  2. The first couple of seconds watching this video, I thought it was going to be boring… but it actually became very captivating as it progressed. The music really made it come to life- it reminded me of our visitor because it was very rhythmic visually. There was a nice progression from dreary winter and getting more lively as it moved into the summer- the changes in shadows- how they intensified as the seasons changed – was very cool. I liked it.

  3. Whole Year of Time Lapse was kinda cool. Definitely a technical challenge making the video circle around like it did. Also got boring and repetitive after about a minute though.

    The Boy Who Was Dubbed was also cool, though I wished they explored the idea of determinism and free will more.

  4. “Hoops (and a search for the truth”) Very cool video. I loved how it was a hippie talking about his love for basketball as a metaphor for how messed up his life is. I really enjoyed how it was in black and white – and how whenever he wanted to change subjects he’d cut to the hoop as the ball went in and say “swish.” I also really enjoyed the year time lapse, but i chose to write about this one because it was unlike anything i’ve ever seen.

  5. i watched all of them the ones that stood out the most are hoops and the year time lapse i thought hoops had a great style how it cut and flowed so well it also used great cinematography and lighting to pass on the emotion of not knowing if it were a drug induced imagination or if he was really looking back on his life and trying to find god, the year time lapse was good but while looking at other time lapse i found that the other options to how the use of it could be interesting there was one of woman going through having a 9 month pregnacy so i liked its style

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