Final Countdown

Bye-bye web lectures! Sayonara esoteric palaver! Step off arty video links! There is nothing more I can teach you, my intro to video classonauts. And so, I hand this video weblog over to you. That’s right, it’s yours – pink slip and all – no, no, I don’t want it anymore, really, you can have it.

And what does that mean exactly? It means over the next couple weeks, this is your place to get up with each other about editing questions, camera needs, chicken wing recipes – you name it. I encourage you all to check here often to see if anyone needs advice or last minute help.

Also here is the checklist of how to save your quicktimes of all your projects and video journals:

1. Open your sequence
2. In the sequence menu choose “render all” > “render both” (or apple R)
3. From the File menu chose “export” > “quicktime conversion”
4. Name the file your exporting with your lastname and the project number (i.e: and place it into a folder on the desktop with your name
5. Export the file with the default settings
6. Open your .mov files in your folder with quicktime to make sure there is video and audio

Remember you need 4 projects (and project 3 needs a 3A and 3B) and at least 2 video journals for a complete portfolio. You also need to hand in a written journal that contains your overheard dialog and plot sparks (in a written/typed hard copy or electronic word doc) and a personal evaluation of how you think you did in the class (about a page either written/typed or word doc). Eli will be available to make sure all this is done correctly before May 2nd.

It truly has been a pleasure teaching you all this semester – I look forward to seeing your completed work. Please feel free to get up with me now or in the future with your questions. I’m out!

David Baeumler


~ by sosundays on April 22, 2008.

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